The Blak_RPI Long for Gamers is an ultra portable game station which fits in the palm of your hand. You get a Raspberry™ plateform running Raspbian™ OS with a Lora™ transceiver on 433/868 or 915 Mhz and an optional 3G Data/Voice SIM5320™ cellular plugin module. And most of all , you get a true game station joystick + game pads to enjoy a perfect gaming atmosphere. This device is just perfect for retrogaming experimentation.

A Joystick and game pads

The development of Blak_RPI Long for players was not planned when we started thinking about building our room or ArtWare. The idea came from a fan of the Retropie project. His concern was to have pads and a joystick that would naturally correspond to the position of the fingers. His concern was also to have a well-balanced device to facilitate the playing position. So we created a specific version for players, which makes it probably one of the first devices equipped with both a keyboard and joysticks.

A real keyboard

In a very small package, you get a real keyboard in QWERTY mode. It is very important, when you remotely connect to a linux machine, to have access to all the necessary KB shortcuts and special keys. As many SSH clients on smartphone may not have a practical keyboard, we had this in mind with we created our Blak_RPI terminal.

The keys are made of smooth rubber plastic for a comfortable feeling when typing commands and texts. There are SMD keys you can easily find and replace.

A standard ILI9341 SPI display

We designed the Blak RPI to be mostly used for remote telnet/ssh. We wanted to have a classic display driver and an easy to find versatile color display. We chose a 2.8 no touch color display. Should it has an issue, it is very easy to get and replace.

A secondary OLED Display

We often need to have extra information displayed. We wanted to have a secondary display to improve the design and comfort when an important information must stay permanently available. A very low cost 128×32 I2C oled display is so cool!

With this nice little display, you may monitor your system, get a stock value, play an online game, interact with the 3G phone function or Radio functions. Possibilities are endless…

This small OLED display uses I2C to work. There are numerous examples you can find over the net , in various programming languages (Python, C, C++, …)

A cool sound module

The Blak_RPI is based on a WM 8960 chip which is a powerful component to handle sound speakers , headphones, microphones. You find it in many Raspberry PI shield.

The Blak_RPI has been designed with games and voice over ip in mind. It handles the 3G voice module through an electret microphone. Games and VOIP will use 2 i2S digital microphones connected to the WM 8960 chip.

You will also have various outputs to drive 2 speakers (stereo mode) and 1 headphones 3.5 mm jack plug in stereo mode also.

Many internet libraries exist in various languages (C++, C , Python …)

A long range radio Module

We are beginning the 21st century with the era of the internet of things. Long range low bandwidth text communication is now rizing very fast. We wanted to have a great communication device capable of sending text message ou information far far away…

Each Blak_RPI is coming with a Long Range E32 UART module with SMA Antenna. Any classic linux/debian serial compatible communication software will be able to use the 868/915/433 mhz transceiver to send or receive information. This is a great opportunity to interact with other devices, to create a MESH network, or design emergency/game network. The Blak_RPI can also be configured as a packet forwarder and become a long range radio to cellular gateway. It can also become a node/repeater and help build and international network of paging messages. The possibilities are endless.

A 3G cellular phone

As an option, the Blak_RPI can receive a SIM5320 cellular phone module. All youi have to do it to plug the module onto the main board and start enjoying voice phone calls as well as internet data link. This cool option is perfect to remotely connect to servers and do admin tasks. It is also a nice option do talk to other, download a file… As the device is offering wifi, it may be modified to act as an access point. It is also possible to enable Bluetooth™ to communicate with your smart phone and become a gateway to long range radio… The Blak_RPI has a switch to fully disconnect the 3G module from power and keep your privacy intact.

An internal USB-A plug to expand

The Blak_RPI if offering an internal USB A plug which lets you add extra options to the device. There are numerous USB peripherals you can use such as a crypto wallet USB key, a classic SSD memory, an USB to ETHERNET cable usb adaptor etc etc … possibility are also endless.

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